Denkfabrik Digital (DDX) is a regional market leader in innovation management. With our global presence across Europe and Asia, we believe in achieving what’s never been done before.


Case Study:
Leaving the past to define the future.
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Case Study:
Making trust a core organizational asset.
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‘The ability to synthesise a large, complex amount of inputs into a simple, great solution which was astonishing.’

– Moritz Heininger, Ambassador (Europe) at JFDI.Asia

Founded 1976 in Germany, we helped Blue-Chips, SMEs and Public Sector clients push the boundaries of what’s possible in 750+ successful engagements.


‘Most creative yet astute thinkers I have met in my many years as an investor and entrepreneur.’

– Abhishek Gupta, Co-founder at Circles.Life

To deliver new value effectively, we draw on our extensive in-house expertise with tried and tested tools.


‘Vision, deep thinking, insight, connectedness and confident execution.’

– Walter De Oude Founder and CEO, Singapore Life

Incremental or disruptive innovation, new or existing products: We manage innovation the right way, by maximising value.


Innovation excellence today requires digital transformation. Transformation programmes face complex organisational challenges. We know the best way to tackle these is with simple, human-centred solutions.

‘Non-traditional ideas with specific steps to implementation.’

– Daniel Van Treeck, Head of Strategy at Daimler Financial Services

Our expertise and research shows that innovation and change requires high degrees of trust to succeed.


‘We are impressed by the strong motivation and high performance of the team.’

– Dr. Horst-Gevert Bellmer, Former Managing Director at Brauerei Beck GmbH & Co.

Speaking of trust: Our global clientele of distinguished names entrusts us with their most challenging mandates. Speak to us about yours.

denkfabrik digital clients

‘What we enjoyed about the collaboration with DDX™ is the fresh and unconventional approach.’

– Edwin Häfner, Daimler-Benz AG, Bremen

Serving great clients is one thing, working with great partners is another. We are lucky to have both.


‘Denkfabrik Digital – a think tank full of creative ideas documenting cutting-edge performance; one can literally feel the expertise behind it’

– Conrad Naber, Nabertherm Industrieofenbau GmbH+Co. KG

We practice what we believe in: From conceiving Northern Germany’s first eco-friendly office building to introducing new ways of working, we love advancing the status quo.

DDX Bremen in Summer

‘Impressively demonstrated the expertise and enthusiasm of its creative ‘thinkers’.’

– Horst Möhlenbrock, ATLANTA Aktiengesellschaft

It’s time you tell us how we can help you. Speak with us or drop by our HQ, we promise it’ll be worth your time.