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We focus on:

Denkfabrik Digital (DDX)™ - Global Leading Innovation Management Consulting Firm

Design Thinking

› Workshops

› Project Support

› Human-Centred Research

Denkfabrik Digital (DDX)™ - Global Leading Innovation Management Consulting Firm

Innovation Management

› Innovation Capability Audits

› Process Landscape Assessment

› Innovation Pipeline

› Trust Audits and Trust Strategy

Denkfabrik Digital (DDX)™ - Global Leading Innovation Management Consulting Firm

Management Systems

› Quality

› Environmental

› Health and Safety

› Risk

Denkfabrik Digital (DDX)™ - Global Leading Innovation Management Consulting Firm

Digital Transformation

› Process Re-Engineering

› Change Management

› Future of Workplaces

› Digital Culture and Enablement

Denkfabrik Digital (DDX)™ - Global Leading Innovation Management Consulting Firm

Product and Service Innovation

› Systematic Product and Process Optimisation (SPO)

› Idea to MVP Sprints

› Data Products and Data Innovation

› Deep Technology Use Cases (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data)

› Organisational Design Sprints

Denkfabrik Digital (DDX)™ - Global Leading Innovation Management Consulting Firm

Venture Building

› Business and Value Proposition Design

› Brand Strategy and Experience Design

› End-to-End Venture Building

Denkfabrik Digital (DDX)™ - Global Leading Innovation Management Consulting Firm

Technology Transfer (via Enterprise Europe Network)

› Transnational Technology Transfer

› European Union Innovation Grant Support

Denkfabrik Digital (DDX)™ - Global Leading Innovation Management Consulting Firm

Event Keynotes

› Innovation Management

› Digital Transformation

› Trust Economy

› Industry 4.0

Our Impact.

How we helped:

A media company leave the past to define the future

Our client was looking to achieve digital transformation of their entire value chain from production to customer facing delivery. We used DD’s proprietary systematic optimisation methodology jointly with our in-house technical design thinking approach to fully understand the needs and expectations of current/future users.

This involved process re-engineering, business and value proposition design, logistics and communications approaches to transform value delivery across the board. DD’s morphology matrix makes facilitated this process with the needed structure to develop realistic future scenarios and test within existing business constraints.

That way, the project was able to surface substantial innovation opportunities. This led to substantial changes and plans to integrate new forms of value delivery into the business. As a result, the business model is a total departure from the industry norm and realises significant cost savings. New digital customer propositions also streamline internal customer dialogue, creating a better work environment and workflow. The project transformed the client from a digital laggard to an industry leader.

How we helped:

A leading digital insurer make trust a core organisational asset

Our client was on a bold mission to make insurance digital, affordable and uncomplicated. As part of their ambitious growth plans, they looked to us for help on strategically positioning them for a period of rapid growth in years to come. In an industry where customers had many good reasons to distrust insurers, they wanted to create an offering that convinced them the company had their best interests at heart.

We took a close look at company strategy, customer propositions, product mix, user experience, and industry norms to identify major trust gaps. We then helped our client respond to these forces and rethink its approach to customer-facing interactions in the process.

As a digital leader in their industry, this helped them build on their pole position as largest writer of direct premium across a certain product line and market. It also promoted a technology led but human centred approach to creating customer value. Winning customers’ trust was not an end in itself. Our client knew it was paramount to boost customer propensity for sharing relevant data, a mission-critical factor for building the future of the insurance industry.

How we helped:

One of the biggest automotive brands hunt for new digital value

The Financial Services arm of a large player in the premium mobility space wanted to define their regional digital target picture based on a strategic mandate to accelerate digitisation. While DFS already had significant digital presence, they lacked a holistic point of view with clear priorities and a unified approach. Specifically, they were looking for facilitation of this journey and to uncover customer journey and digital insights relevant to their core and potential future business.

The engagement brought together eight departments to develop a digital direction and prioritised list of digital initiatives and innovation approaches that would create new and unique value for customers.

Meshing customer and strategic perspectives, we looked at the industry big picture, customer personas, target objectives for delivering value through digital propositions and current customer journeys of various mobility-related financial products offered by Daimler Financial Services.

From this basis we identified gaps, pain points and opportunities and turned them into a roadmap and future direction. Along the way, we developed concrete value propositions and concepts with clear potential to drive customer value, and organised them in an initiative pipeline for the coming years.

What clients like:

‘The ability to synthesise a large, complex amount of inputs into a simple, great solution which was astonishing.’

– Moritz Heininger, Ambassador (Europe) at JFDI.Asia

‘Dr. Diekhöner and his team helped us greatly in the design and implementation of our Quality Management System. The extensive support throughout all phases of the project – from kickoff meeting to successful certification – had a very lively and skillful touch. We are impressed by the strong motivation and high performance of the team, which is capable of adapting to the context of its business partners and radiate its encouragement and enthusiasm.’

– Dr. Horst-Gevert Bellmer, Former Managing Director at Brauerei Beck GmbH & Co.

‘Most creative yet astute thinkers I have met in my many years as an investor and entrepreneur.’

– Abhishek Gupta, Co-founder at Circles.Life

‘Vision, deep thinking, insight, connectedness and confident execution.’

– Walter De Oude Founder and CEO, Singapore Life

‘Non-traditional ideas with specific steps to implementation.’

– Daniel Van Treeck, Head of Strategy at Daimler Financial Services